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Newport Centre: Shopaholic’s Paradise



The Newport Centre is one of the premier shopping destinations in Hudson County, adjacent to the Holland Tunnel and easily accessible from both light rail and the PATH train. Although the paid parking is a drawback, the three levels of shopping—including a food court with an impressively diverse array of options and a movie theater […]

How to Disguise Unsightly Cables, Cords and Wires



Nobody likes the sight of tangled, messy cords and wires, but these long cords are essential for operating electronics. If you want to tuck away unsightly cords to preserve your decor at Warren at York by Windsor, these smart steps will show you how. Mark each cord. First, begin by wrapping a piece of matte […]

Did You Know These Foods Are Rich in Antioxidants?



You’ve likely heard about the health benefits of antioxidants, but do you know where they come from? If you’re one of the many people who would say that they aren’t entirely sure how to get that daily dose of antioxidants, these antioxidant-rich foods are great places to start. Raisins. Dried fruits, like raisins, contain well […]

Casa d’Paco: Tapas and Wine for All Tastes



Tender, seared octopus. Croquettes stuffed with Serrano ham. Ravioli oozing lobster with every bite. These are just a handful of the dishes on the menu at Casa d'Paco, a Spanish tapas restaurant in Newark that dishes out gourmet fare, rare wines, and beer by the pint or bottle. If you're craving meat, order the bistoque […]

When Life Gives You Lemons, Use Them to Clean! Here’s How!



Did you know that lemons work as a natural disinfectant, a stain remover, a polish for metals, and so much more? Try these simple cleaning tips using the power of citrus! Scrub your dirty dishes or plastic containers with a recently juiced lemon and a little bit of coarse salt to remove any stains or […]

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